The Benefits of a Vibration Finishing Machine

Vibration finishing machines are an effective and efficient way to polish, deburr, burnish, and descal parts. They are available for immediate delivery and can be configured to perform multiple finishing operations. They can also be fitted with an optional internal separation device and come with PLC or standard control units. Moreover, they can be automated to form a part of a production line.

Mass Finishing – Vibratory Style

Vibration finishing is a highly versatile process and requires a careful selection of the finishing media. The media used in the process determines the desired surface finish and the abrasiveness. Choosing the right media depends on the type of workpiece to be finished, the speed at which the work is performed, and the volume of material to be processed.

Vibration finishing machine are commonly used in the cutlery, coin, and architectural hardware materials sectors, as well as the stampings industry. Vibration finishing is a mass finishing process that can produce a smooth, high-gloss finish. It can also be used to remove rust and produce isotropic finishes.

Vibration finishing machines can use both ceramic and plastic media. Ceramic media is more affordable per running hour and comes in a wider variety of shapes. It is a great choice for metal parts, but isn’t as efficient for nonferrous parts. Plastic media is generally molded to a specific size, and is best for finishing nonferrous parts. However, nonferrous metals should be treated carefully, as they can be delicate.

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