Aesthetic Medicine

Infinity Clinic medicine is a specialty in which doctors perform cosmetic procedures to improve the appearance of patients. Patients seek treatment to correct aesthetic problems such as wrinkles or excess skin. These procedures are performed as an outpatient treatment. Before having a procedure, patients should prepare for their appointment by thinking about what they would like to achieve. They can also bring before-and-after photographs to show their doctor what they are trying to achieve. In addition, patients should go without makeup to the consultation so the doctor can assess the condition of their skin. The doctor will look at skin elasticity, blood supply, and size of pores.

How long do facial aesthetics last?

Aesthetic doctors usually obtain a basic medical degree. In some cases, they may be diploma holders, but not specialist dermatologists. This does not necessarily make them more qualified to treat dermatologic problems. There is a huge difference in the training involved. Aesthetic physicians will apply the best techniques and products for their patients.

The Singapore Medical Council has an ethical code and guidelines for aesthetic procedures. These guidelines state that aesthetic physicians should use only widely accepted methods of treatment. Aside from this, they are not allowed to perform any procedures that are not proven to be effective in a clinical trial. Additionally, doctors should follow a standard of care and do not offer non-professional treatments unless they have been given explicit approval by the Medical Council.

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