Rosa Williams

It’s a bit paradoxical but I am rather passionate about hiking and wide open spaces. I’ve done several treks near my home and around the world and it’s true that I love to leave with my tent and my backpack to get closer to nature.

I also share many nature escapades on the web. This is perhaps why I often look for “natural” in my care products, as I am aware of the good nature has to offer for us and our health!

But I am not a forest ranger or a lumberjack, I work in the city, I have a lot of responsibilities in my job and I meet a lot of people, so I have to be presentable. On a daily basis, I leave my hiking boots in the closet and I try to look like an active woman, in a hurry but still stylish.

Because I give my all in what I do, I decided to create this blog on which I selected, among the mass of cosmetic products proposed to the public, those which worked on me and which seem to me really effective, but also those which I would really like to adopt or to have so much their composition, (often the most natural possible) give me, quite simply envy.

Talking about beauty is far from being my job, but who can better talk about it than a woman who, like everyone else, has a busy life, a job to manage, and problems to solve? My opinion, of course, is my own but I always try to be as objective as possible. I want to tell you about what really works for me and I don’t want to show you all those “commercially correct” products, too often put forward by advertising or on other sites.